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General Information

Instructions on Metopia Application processes, rates, fees and other useful information that can help users navigate and utilize the Metopia App.


In this Knowledge Hub you can find answers to all frequently asked questions and tutorials that will instruct you on how to setup your Metopia application account and use its features. Every category in the menu will take you directly to the desired information and step-by-step examples. You may also find our Live Support information if any additional assistance is required with Metopia products and you haven't found a solution in the Metopia Knowledge Hub.

Project Overview

Building the web3 business ecosystem
Metopia has developed an internal economy that allows us to safely and consistently provide investors with stable returns by leveraging the commercial value of various virtual assets. We do this by utilizing investment, development, advertising, and hosting possibilities in Web3 operational environments - metaverse platforms and assets, real estate services, as well as other Web3 related enterprises - that provide great risk-adjusted total returns
The current platform serves as a proof of concept and is a stepping stone in the process of building a comprehensive, blockchain powered Web3.0 ecosystem for the B2B market in the form of a Metaverse, which will be powered by a native token, $MTPT.
In 2022 we witnessed major projects collapse because of a massive mismanagement of funds that created an unsustainably volatile growth. In order to reduce the volatility of the $MTPT token growth and ensure a stable environment for the Metopia Metaverse, the same fund allocation model as in the $MTPT tokenomics is used in the business model, effectively limiting growth to manageable levels while delivering operational consistency between separate phases of the project.
Ecosystem Consolidation
Metopia entering its' full maturity will be signified by a transition from existing currencies to $MTPT token for use within the Metopia ecosystem. Users will be able to utilize $MTPT in the finished Metopia marketplace for buying and selling digital assets, as well as fund contracts.

Current Metopia Economy

General Details Contract
Accruals per Week
1.6 %
Accepted Cryptocurrencies
Tether (USDT TRC-20)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Tron (TRX)
Binance (BNB BEP-20)
Minimum Deposit
0.001 BTC 0.015 ETH 0.45 LTC 360 TRX 0.1 BNB
Maximum Deposit
No Limit
Contract Lock
Until Terminated
Deposit Fees
No Fee
Withdrawal Fees
No Fee
Active Deposit Contract Termination Fee (Downscales Monthly)
50 % to 26 %
Contract Termination Fee Monthly Downscale Rate
6 %
Minimum Withdraw
5 USDT 0.0002 BTC 0.003 ETH 0.09 LTC 72 TRX 0.02 BNB
Maximum Withdraw
No Limit
Contract Duration
No Limit
Referral Rate
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