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Contract Termination

Metopia users reserve the right to prematurely halt their investment and partially return the invested funds. Follow the steps below to terminate your contract.
1) Users can access the "Contract Termination" function either from Dashboard "Overview" or in the "Contracts" section of the Dashboard Menu.
Click on "Contract Settings" to access Contract Termination from "Overview":
Click on "View" next to the contract you wish to terminate in "Contracts" page:
2) Enter the amount of funds you wish to release and click "Continue". To confirm the termination click "Terminate" and final amount will be transferred to your Account Balance.
IMPORTANT! Keep in mind that the Contract Termination Fee will be applied. If the contract value is lower than minimum deposit value, the contract will be terminated and will not provide any further return of investment.
After a succesful Contract Termination, the status of your Contract will change from "Active" to "Completed". Contract Status can be found in "Contracts" section: