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Questions and Answers to a list of common questions that users might ask regarding Metopia.App


What is Metopia?
When did Metopia Launch?
How does Metopia make profit?
Is Metopia.App secure?
How to start using Metopia.App?


How to Register an Account at Metopia?
How can I change my wallet address?
What is Balance?
How can I set up 2FA key?
I forgot my password.
I cannot sign in my Account.
Can I have multiple Accounts?
My Account was flagged under "Multiple Account" suspicion.

Fund Management

General Information

What cryptocurrencies does Metopia.App accept?
What Fees are applied when I use Metopia.App?
How much can I profit?
For how long can I profit?
Can I have multiple active contracts at the same time?
Are there any additional benifits?


How can I deposit funds?
What is the minimum deposit?
What is the maximum deposit?
What is Contract Lock?
For how long Contract Lock is applied?
What is an Active Contract?


How can I withdraw funds?
What is the minimum withdraw?
What is the maximum withdraw?
What is Contract Termination?
How to Terminate Contract?
What is the Contract Termination Fee?


What is Metopia Marketplace?
What do you offer in Marketplace?
How to start a campaign?


Metopia Partners

How can I become an official Metopia Partner?
What are the requirements to become a Metopia Partner?
What are the benefits of becoming a Metopia Partner?


How can I invite my friends?
What is the reward for every associate?