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Metopia Support is available 24/7. Our Support chat is active in all Metopia managed communication channels which include:
  • Metopia.App Live Chat
  • Discord Live Support
  • Telegram Live Support
Live Communication in 3rd party applications is done through Bot Account. All Metopia groups and bots are moderated by Metopia Support Team. Metopia representatives will never approach users first without prior request by the user.
Do not try to contact Metopia Management in public group chats or channels. Our company management does not have any personal accounts linked to public group chats.
Here is the official list of Metopia Support Bots:
  • Telegram:
  • Discord: Chief Assistant#9501 (ID: 944219618929692792)

Available Communication Channels

Access Metopia Live Chat through Account Dashboard:
Start Live Chat in Discord by creating a ticket in "# 🙋│support" channel.
Live Chat is also available in the Telegram App. If you wish to start a conversation with our Support Representative, start a private conversation with Metopia Bot ( by sending "/start" message.
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