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Metopia Partners

Metopia Partners are the commercial collaborators and promoters of the Metopia project. Partners can invite their own user network and earn unlimited commissions.
Additionally, Metopia Partners receive the following benefits:
  • Metopia Partners get special access to our design departments talents. If you need specific banner sizes, updated content, new images, or other assets to help your network grow, we will be there for you;
  • Metopia Partners have direct line of communication with our marketing department, and their support requests always receive priority status for faster review times;
  • Sponsorship for Metopia related marketing activities (seminars, webinars, online course, business cards for an events, etc). Metopia Partners receive payments for their marketing activities, from reimbursements to direct sponsorships.
  • Progressive commission rates up to 50%. Starting rates for partners: 30% commissions for newly onboarded users, and a lifetime commission starting from 10% for each investor you attract to the Metopia App.
For more information, please visit this page.