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By introducing the Marketplace, Metopia moves closer to offering a fully functional solution in which businesses may advertise in the virtual world, rent and purchase properties for commerce, and organise events/parties on virtual land.
Multiple properties are available to rent for a limited period of time on the marketplace. Advertisers may submit an application for ad space and potentially generate revenue from their ads by attracting more new consumers.
For a company to effectively begin an advertising campaign, the advertiser must first submit the relevant information for a review. Metopia will get in touch with an advertiser through email once a validation check has been completed and will provide required support for a campaign launch and design.
With the final version of the marketplace, legitimate firms will have a greater variety of marketing and property possibilities to meet their specific requirements.

Available Assets

Types of assets currently available on the market:
Billboards - Similar to banner ads, billboards provide display imagery to attract attention.
Dedicated Areas - Where brands offer their own items without market competition.
Event Spots - In person interactions with a brand increase the trustworthiness of both partners and consumers.
Branded NFTs - Order your own brand Metaverse wearable.