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With its utility token system and smart contract synchronisation, the Metopia Metaverse will be the first real metaverse to enable decentralisation, commerce, and a Business-to-Business (B2B) environment. A network of companies and individuals working together to improve the business world and create new opportunities for networking.
Our metaverse will be self-learning and bias-free; it will adapt to the needs of its users and provide cutting-edge services via the blockchain. The Metopia Metaverse, powered by an active entrepreneur community and enabled by cutting-edge technology, will ensure that everyone has access to the transformative power of the Web3 through Metopia Token and Smart Contracts for more secure and hassle free deals.
Companies, DAOs, investors, and networkers of all stripes are sincerely invited to join us in creating the future. Our mission is to open up the world for everyone from complete newcomers to professional groups, corporations, and their representatives. Every business owner values a strong network. We aim to connect entrepreneurs and company reps from all around the globe, and empower them to fully leverage the resources their companies can provide.
Metopia Metaverse's and tokens true economic value is generated by a self-sustaining, symbiotic ecosystem of creators, entrepreneurs, investors, employees, consumers, and sellers. Our economy is designed around existing businesses, and it is underpinned by blockchain technology and a functioning economic system, which together make possible complete decentralisation, trade, and leisure activities.
We aim to provideour users with actionable, transformative solutions that help bring people together across technological divides. This way, more people will be able to join in and help construct, take advantage of, and ultimately shape the Metopia Metaverse.

"Web3 Answer to LinkedIn"

To achieve our mission of providing exceptional technology resources, we are committed to creating an environment where all those who run legitimate businesses may explore, grow, and develop along with us. In fact, the only people who will be able to access the Metopia Metaverse will have to provide documented proof of existing company or DAO
Metaverse development will be a gradual process as we believe that projects economy will be more effective and efficient if the team first manages the project in a more centralized manner and uses current version of the app as a launchpad for the future development of the company.
As Metopia matures, offices, venues and stores will be the first Metopia Metaverse digital assets purchasable in the Marketplace.
List of assets to be launched:
  • Offices - If a user decides to join Metopia Metaverse and conduct company's business operations online, they can purchase or rent an office from already existing owners to have real-world company meeting in a digital environment.
  • Venues - This asset will allow users who own Venues, host digital expo's, major online conferences, product launch announcements and much more.
  • Stores - usinesses who run B2B online shopping platforms are welcome to sell their products directly in the Metaverse allowing their clients to order the products with Metopia Token ($MTPT).