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Metopia Token ($MTPT)


Metopia's complete economy development is undergoing a slow but calculated period of growth under the watchful eye of our Team. To this purpose, we will not rest until we have deployed an economy that seamlessly combines the Metopia Application experience with the blockchain framework, thereby creating real-time simulation of Metopia Metaverse economy by applying current company economy also in the digital environment.
Upon the release of the finalised version of the Metopias Marketplace, the Metopia Token (MTPT) will be made available for public use in purchasing exclusive digital goods and real estate, as well as in marketing campaigns conducted via the Metopia App.
Metopia Token will also provide utility in the planned Metopia Metaverse. There are many ways in which users will be able to earn MTPT that includes but is not limited to buying and selling Metopia developed digital assets and goods provided by other businesses in Metopia Metaverse, lending Metopia Metaverse land to business owners, and creating B2B Smart Contract deals. Additionally, liquidity providers on the cryptocurrency exchanges can collect fees from each transaction made in the Metopia Metaverse.
Since Metopia Token is required for crucial metaverse components like property ownership, users will often find themselves either earning the Metopia Token in the Metaverse, or outright buying the token directly from the exchanges.
Metopia Token (MTPT) has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. The token network and Smart Contract code will remain unrevealed until the token is officially launched on the exchanges in order to prevent impersonation or other potential malicious activity from 3rd parties.
As mentioned above, Metopia current business model will be used in digital environment, that also includes Metopia Token (MTPT).


*Final % number may weary depending on the amount of early contributions made.
If early contibutor accumulated token total amount is higher than 130,000,000 MTPT (13%), additional tokens will unlocked from Metopia Metaverse Fund which means that the % Locked in Metopia Fund might be lower.
In an event of Metopia not reaching the target contribution value, the remaining tokens of Early Contributor share will be unlocked to the general public via token pre-sale. For example, if the total amount of tokens accumulated during investment period is 90,000,000 MTPT (9% out of designated 13%) the pre-sale amount would be 40,000,000 MTPT (4%)